Delbros Waterfront Leasing Company
Or Delbros Leasing for short, the leading equipment leasing company in the Philippines since 1981

Welcome to Delbros Leasing, the industry leader in leasing, maintaining, manufacturing, managing and selling intermodal chassis, generator sets and containers in the country.

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nationwide services

Delbros Leasing offers services from equipment leasing, to tracking and nationwide repair and rescue, as well as other related businesses to support the core leasing operations.

With a total running fleet investment of $50,000,000 by 2018, we offer the largest fleet of intermodal chassis units, serviced through 14 locations. If lined up end to end the fleet would stretch 31 kilometers in length and can move 90,000,000 kilos of goods. We specifically engineer and manufacture all major components that go into our units, under a one standard initiative.

Our unit types include:
• 20-footer skeletal
• 20-footer flatbed
• 40-footer skeletal (straight & gooseneck)
• 40-footer combo/tandem
• 40-footer flatbed
• 45-footer skeletal
• Lowbeds
• Shipping Containers
• Underslung Generators
• Chassis Dolleys

Maintaining the highest safety and quality standard for intermodal chassis in the Philippines, we were the first to adapt an industry Total Quality Standard across all units and are the only company to offer pick up and drop of at any location nationwide. We are also strong supporters of proper recycling and recapping of radial tires, with over 25,000 tires on the ground at any given time.

In 2012 Delbros Leasing entered into an agreement with PGE and Eurekloud to update our existing IT infrastructure. This collaboration between PGE and Eurekloud led to a fully integrated, end to end leasing solution. This is the world's first, cloud based solution designed for Intermodal Chassis Lessors. It was featured as a 2013 Suiteworld finalist.

Our yards are strategically located in several key provinces to answer the immediate needs of the industry and effectively service our clients.

    • Purok Pine Tree Brgy. Bata, Circumferential Rd., Bacolod City
    • 185 2nd Rd. Arce Subd. Kumintang Ibaba, Batangas City
    • Bulihan Rd., Brgy. Bulihan Malvar, Batangas
    • Mataas na Sampalok, Bulihan, Plaridel, Bulacan
    • Kalayaan Rd Brgy. San Sebastian Kawit Cavite
  • CEBU
    • New Reclamation Area,Mandaue City, Cebu
    • Velez Lot, St. Joseph St. Sasa, Davao City
    • KM 20, Buhisan Tibungco, Davao City
    • Kudos Yard, Purok Malok, Brgy. Labangal, General Santos City
    • Golden Gate Realty Cpd., Rizal St. Lapuz, Ilo-ilo City
    • No. 132 Panghulo Road, Brgy. Santulan, Malabon City
    • Ibuna Cpd., PEO Rd. Brgy. Bancao-Banca o, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
    • McArthur Hi-way, Brgy. Baliti, San Fernando, Pampanga City
    • Brgy. Poblacion, Tagoloan, Misamis Oriental

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company profile

Even before the establishment of Delbros Leasing, Delbros, as a company, shares a long history with the Port of Manila. In 1949, the company won the bid to manage the Port of Manila and heavily assisted the government with free port services to address the unexpected traffic caused by the Port's growth from increasing foreign investments entering the economy. Delbros offered free labor and deliveries during a time when it was most needed – That demand for port services slowly led to the establishment of a more specialized company focused on container transport.

On June 10, 1981, Delbros, under J. Roberto Delgado, went into a joint venture agreement with the American company Flexi Van Leasing, Inc. to form a new company, Flexi-Van Leasing Phil., Inc. With a humble beginning of 100 chassis, the company leased equipment geared towards container shipping from port to warehouses as well as the repair, importing and purchasing of standardized equipment overseas.

In 1989, Delbros agreed to taking on a new minority partner, replacing Flexi-Van Leasing Inc. and becoming DELBROS Waterfront Leasing Co. Inc. Through the management and support of the group, Delbros Leasing grew from a fleet of 240 chassis to over a thousand by 2003.

Presently, Delbros Leasing has become the largest chassis fleet at over 3000 units, serving 15 major yards in ports across the country. We are the first and only company that can provide a nationwide roll on and off chassis hitch service, making our chassis accessible across the whole archipelago – the backbone for the country’s logistics needs. We are proud to be an integral part of the logistics industry and are focused on breaking the 5000 unit intermodal chassis mark in the Philippines by 2015, at a total fleet investment of $50,000,000.

Delbros Leasing is comprised of colorful individuals who create a dynamic mix of creativity and integrity. Their personal passions and combined business experience fuel the company’s competitive advantage.

Jose Eduardo C. Delgado

Over the course of his career, Jose Eduardo Delgado’s record reveals that he has invested an equal amount of time and effort into both community service, and the family corporation. After the suit comes off, however, the Delbros President focuses his energies on a different kind of activity- one involving a set of skis, or even one of his extreme, self-designed dirt bikes.

Some of his other notable affiliations include:
Boy Scouts of the Philippines
World Presidents Organization
Philippine and American Chamber of Commerce
Phil-Japan Economic Cooperation Joint Committee
Asia Society

Jose Paolo L. Delgado

With multiple interests and achievements in various fields, Jose Paolo Delgado’s most notable works are found in the areas of entrepreneurship and social advocacy. Having started several corporations at a young age, he has strongly developed his business-oriented and entrepreneurial mindset. Jose Paolo spends his time out of the boardroom restoring vintage automobiles or simply enjoying a fine cigar at the end of a busy day.

Some of his other positions include:
Director, Delbros Incorporated
Treasurer, United Parcel Service (UPS) Philippines
Managing Director, Ad-Phone Investments

John Mark M. Borja

A quirky yet efficient worker, John Mark Borja loves the field of finance and the different challenges it brings. An adept marksman, he fills his office with paintings and photos of his wife and two daughters he adores.

His work experience includes:
Senior Associate, SyCip Gorres Velayo and Co.
Project Finance Officer, KEPCO

Reggie U. Saculles
Management (IT)

Reggie Sacules is an IT specialist who loves the outdoors as much as he does his job. He has climbed mountains, tried dirt biking, and even dabbles in publishing articles and novels.

His work experience includes:
Head of Sales and Marketing; Business Development Manager, IBM
Executive Director, Automobile Association of the Philippines
Licensed Electronics and Communications Engineer
IBM certified E-Business Advisor
Dale Carnegie Leadership Award Awardee

Carlos C. De La Fuente
Management (Collaboration)

One could say that Carlos de la Fuente is the odd man out in a seemingly rigid industry— he is a musician with a design and advertising background, and a lover of history, poetry, and cats. However, Delbros challenges the status quo by appointing as the head of Collaboration, a man embodying what the company believes in, creative innovations that make a difference regardless of the industry.

His work experience includes:

Accounts Director, Mad Hatters
Associate Accounts Director, CreatvFx

Nina S. Silang
Management (Credit and Collection))

Don't let her silent demeanour fool you. Nina Silang is a natural leader known for her integrity, honesty, and dedication to her job. A former basketball MVP at St. Paul College and the College of the Holy Spirit, she carries a smart and positive attitude as she balances being a woman in the work force, and wife and mother of three.

Her work experiece includes:
Finance Manager, 2GO Group,
Aboitiz Transport Systems Corp. Manager,
Reefer Van Specialists, Inc

Benjamin A. Ramirez
Management (Leasing / Customer Care)

Equal parts adviser, mentor, and friend to his team, Benjamin Ramirez’s approach to work reflects his vast experience in the sales and logistics industry. He may seem introspective, but his work will always reflect the effort and thought that he dedicates to the job.

His work experience includes:
Sales and Marketing Mgr - Agility Logistics, Logistics Manager - Fujitsu Computers, Production Planning & Control Mgr - Kawasaki Motors

Tirso Flores Tardecilla

With the corporate powerhouses Smart– the largest telecommunications company in the Philippines– and Salim– the largest conglomerate in Indonesia– under his belt, Tirso Tardecilla’s dedication to business is only matched by his dedication to family. His skill in finance is reflected in the efficiency with which he deals with the important things, both in life and in business.

His work experience includes:
Finance Controller and Director, Salim Group of Companies
Corporate Comptroller and Head of Regulatory Affairs and External Tax Issues, Smart Communication Inc.
Managing Partner, Tardecilla Verdolaga and Co

Jeorge Vicencio
Management (Leasing)

Jeorge Vicencio is the kind of man who found a job he loves to support his life's greatest pleasures-- family, travel and a round of cold beer after a hard day's work.

His work experience includes:
Account Specialist, San Miguel Corporation
Entrepreneur JVC Enterprises

Angel N. Veloso, Jr.

A proud San Bedan with a bachelor and masters degree in Economics, he has held several high leadership positions in various companies.

The most notable of which are:

Overseas Trade Representative, Philippine International Trading Corp. (Hongkong)
Country Head, Glencore
Chairman, the Philippine Associated Smelting Refinery Corp. (PASAR)

Scott Hu

A graduate of the University of San Francisco with a degree in Business and Marketing, he has worked with Waterfront Container Leasing as:

Global Sales and Marketing Manager (2003-2005)
Established Operations in Cairo (2005-2006)
Vice President of Gl obal Sales and Marketing (2011)

frequently asked questions

What is chassis leasing? How does it work?
Chassis leasing enables any cargo transport provider to lease a chassis only when he uses it and for as long as he needs it.

Do you have provincial branches?
Yes, Delbros Leasing has a growing number of yards, with 15 branches at present.

Regional locations include:
Luzon: Port of Manila (2 locations) and San Fernando, Pampanga
Visayas: Bacolod, Cebu, Iloilo, Palawan, and Tacloban
Mindanao: Cagayan De Oro (2 ports), Davao (2 ports), Zamboanga and General Santos

What other services does your company offer?
Delbros Leasing can provide Business Process Outsourcing services to other chassis leasing operators/companies here and abroad.

We use cutting-edge Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions that allow us to run a very efficient chassis leasing operation. A chassis leasing company can leave the back-office operations to us and just concentrate on its chassis "yard" operation.

Our robust systems will handle all chassis in/out transactions, billing, chassis job orders, chassis parts inventory, and so on.

Our systems are fully online and available 24/7. All operational reports, including ad hoc management reports, can be custom-designed for each client.

How much will you charge me for a day's lease?
The daily lease rate is for a 24-hour duration, counted from the time you withdraw the chassis until the time you return it to our yard. The daily lease rate varies, depending on the type of chassis that you need. For more information, please send us an e-mail at

How will I know how much and when I am supposed to pay? How do I pay?
You will receive our billing every week and you are expected to pay it within thirty (30) days from date of billing.

Why should I lease chassis when I can buy one?
The benefits you derive when you lease a chassis are many:
• You spend for a chassis only when you use it.
• You get to use your cash to buy another prime mover or to repair your equipment, instead of spending it on chassis.
• You no longer need to worry about yard space, security, repair crew, parts, tires, etc. for your chassis.
• You can choose the type or condition of the chassis that you need, especially for your sensitive or long hauls.

Do you do long-term lease arrangements?
Absolutely! If you wish to discuss the details of your chassis lease requirements, please send us an e-mail at

Up to what time can we borrow/return chassis units in your yards?
We operate from 8:00AM to 2:00AM the following morning, Monday to Sunday morning, and also on Holidays.

Do your units have brakes, tail lights, and good tires?
Yes, all Delbros Leasing chassis units are known as TQS units. TQS stands for Total Quality Standard, our corporate program of keeping our units in roadworthy condition with:
• Functioning brakes
• Working tail lights
• Complete twist locks
• Mechanical landing gears
• Good recap tires
• LTO registration papers

Who will shoulder the costs of repairs on the chassis that I leased?
Delbros Leasing will shoulder all costs of needed repairs that are attributable to normal wear & tear.

You will have to pay for the costs of all needed repairs in case of loss or damage due to the negligence or carelessness of your trucker.

Do you give discounts or special rates?
Yes, simply contact a service representative to learn more about our rates.

Do I need to do anything before I can lease your chassis?
You have to apply for accreditation with us and submit the following requirements:
• Company Profile
• Business Registration
• Latest Audited Financial Statements
• Accreditation with Truckers Association in your Area
• Cash Bond of Php 15,000.00

Why is there a Cash Bond?
This cash bond is refundable in case you decide to terminate your accreditation and contract with us.

Do I have to sign a contract?
Yes, you will have to sign 4 copies of our Chassis Lease Agreement. This will be duly notarized and a copy will be given to you for your file. As soon as you sign this Agreement, you may start leasing chassis from Delbros Leasing.


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